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DVD and Streaming videos, books and maps on plantar reflexology.

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Manual of foot reflexology. Theory, technique and practice.

A book and a videocorso complete to learn the theoretical and practical basics of Reflexology, in which Barbara Milanesio guides us to discover the maps of the areas reflected on our feet. With simplicity, but at the same time with a good level of depth, we will learn how to work on the feet and, in part, how to understand the signs that can indicate us a possible presence of disturbances or imbalances at both a physical and psychological level.
We can choose whether to approach this discipline with a holistic or symptomatic approach, in order to be ready for many situations in which we can find ourselves during our treatments.
At the bottom of the volume, finally, there is a chapter where the 8 cases and the 8 working protocols, statistically more frequent or relevant, are taken into account.
The video is divided into techniques and equipment and each apparatus is in turn divided into zones, each treated specifically.

Duration: 2 hours and 20 minutes
Book: 142 pages, flexible cover
Author: Barbara Milanesio
Language: Italian

Included in the purchase:
Didactic assistance

Barbara Milanesio

Reflessologist, Naturopath and Herbalist
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Price: 150,00
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