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Manual of Foot Reflexology, professional video course and book. Online course, DVD and Video Streaming with training certificate
Price: 150,00

Language: Italian

Level: basic

The reflex areas on the foot

The Plantar Reflexology is a method that, through the global assessment of the foot and consequent stimulation of specific points corresponding to the reflexes of the body, aims at restoration of the energy balance and the stimulation of the Life Force each one of us, that is, that force that keeps us alive and makes us able to defend ourselves from external aggressions, thus promoting our well-being.
There are different types of approaches to the discipline: Eastern, holistic, Western, etc. The address of this video course is Western plantar reflexiology.
With this manual you can:

  • learn the complete mapping of organs and apparatus, with great anatomical accuracy

  • acquire knowledge of the working techniques of Plantar Reflessology

  • know the anatomy of the foot and the zonal theory of Eunice D. Ingham

  • acquire the skills to perform a evaluation of the signs and areas to be treated depending on the symptoms

  • learn some working paradigms to deal with typical situations that you may present with your customers

Like all multimedia products of C.M.S., is designed to follow step-by-step the student in his path of formation.

The author of video course

Barbara Milanesio - Reflessologist, Naturopath and Herbalist

Barbara Milanesio

Reflessologist, Naturopath and Herbalist
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What you buy

  • A video course lasting 2 hours and 20 minutes
  • A book of 142 pages
  • The teaching support of the teacher

Why digital training

  • Possibility to review the course where and when you want
  • Cost much lower than the classroom course
  • No logistical expenses (hotel, travel, etc.)
  • Can be completed with classroom training

Content of the video course of Reflexology

DVDs of Corpo Mente Spirito are built with a logic interactivity to allow the student to view and analyze each technique in its singularity. Each position is marked by a number (all techniques are also listed on the leaflet attached to the package) and every time it is performed, even during treatment complete, it is displayed in the corner of the screen. In this way it is possible to carry out a selective study and targeted to the technique you most want to deepen. The subtitle function was also used to indicate the name of each technique. The shooting are made so to highlight the most significant aspects of the movement to be learned/deepened.
List of sections:

List of video sections:

    Introduction by the author, Barbara Milanesio, naturopath, herbalist and reflessologist.
    In this section you will find the basics on how to set up the working environment, such as tempaeration, posture, equipment to be used, etc.
    Basic techniques and opening techniques are taught.
    - Caterpillar technique
    - Hook
    - Hatching
    - Thumb rotation
    - Dispersion of a sore point
    - Finger mobilization
    - Foot heating
    - Stimulation of the sole of the foot
    - Rotation of the ankle
    - Stretching of the Achilles tendon
    - Flexion of the spine
    The complete mapping of all the reflections on the foot divided by apparatuses and systems. The mapping is based on a western type reading, therefore closely connected with the anatomy of the foot. Therefore, the exact position of the treated zone superimposed on the bone structure is constantly shown in the video overlay.
    - Osteo-articular system
    - Muscular system
    - Nervous system and senses
    - Respiratory system
    - Cardio-circulatory system
    - Lymphatic system
    - Endocrine system
    - Urogenital tract
    - Digestive system


Previews of the techniques of Plantar Reflexology

In the following videos you can see 2 sections of the video course: the treatment of the small intestine and the treatment of the vagus nerve, in which Barbara Milanesio explains the intervention technique for 2 very frequent problems in the world today. In fact, the small intestine and the vagus nerve are stratamente linked to stress disorders, the first because it is the primary target of this condition and the second because its good functioning is an indication of the good functioning of our parasympathetic system. When this works in the right and balanced way, in fact, we can benefit from a state of relaxation that inevitably leads to health.

The small intestine in Plantar Reflexology
The treatment of the intestine is very important because, in addition to being one of the main excretory organs, it is the seat of our deepest emotions, often the "main target" of psychosomatic disorders.
The discomforts that affect the gastro-intestinal tract are probably, together with the problems related to the Nervous System, one of the main reasons that push people to ask for help to Foot Reflexology, however, obtaining great benefit. In fact, the effectiveness of this technique in this area is undisputed.

Why treat the Vagus nerve in Plantar Reflexology?
Among the main functions are to promote peristalsis, regulate appetite, reduce heart rate, regulate mood and digestion. From here we can understand its importance at the reflexiological level and why it is inserted in this context.
It should be treated in all cases of visceral somatization of emotions or in imbalances affecting the viscera, bronchi and heart. It is good to associate it with the treatment of the Solar Plexus and the Central Nervous System.


Book index

142-page book, flexible cover

  • Author's note
  • Introduction
  • Plantar Reflexology: a practice as ancient as it is today
  • Plantar Reflexology: between Holism and Science
  • Indications, reactions and contraindications of Plantar Reflexology
  • The feet, or our roots
  • The map: body projection in the foot
  • The techniques of massage
  • Devices and their reflexes in the foot
    - Osteo-articular system
    - Muscular system
    - Nervous system
    - Sense organs
    - Respiratory system
    - Cardio-circulatory system
    - Lymphatic system
    - Endocrine system
    - Urogenital tract
    - Digestive system
  • Working with Plantar Reflexology: Symptomatic Approach and Holistic Approach
  • Plantar Reflexology in practice
  • Final considerations
  • Bibliography
  • Scientific studies
  • Thanks


Manual of
Foot Reflexology
Price: 150,00

Language: Italian

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