Shiatsu Work on meridians

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SHIATSU (shi=fingers and atsu=pressure) is a therapy method that uses pressure exerted by the fingers on pre-established points. These points are distributed along 12 lines, known as meridians, that tend to accumulate an excess or develop a lack of vital energy (Qi). The benefits gained from pressure exerted on these points are many: relief in the case of muscular pains, regulation of the nervous system, help in digestion, stimulation of the blood and lymphatic circulation, and of hormonal secretion. Treating the points and the meridians means preventing illnesses and stimulating the natural healing power of the body.
SHIATSU is based on the same principles as acupuncture, and therefore the same ones as TCM, it shares their theoretical reference points, diagnosis and treatment principles.  It is therefore appropriate to know the basics of these things so as to be able to carry out treatment in the best way possible.

Duration: 1 hour and 40 minutes
Inner booklet: meridians chart cm 36x24
Author: Vittorio Piacenza

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Vittorio Piacenza

Massophysiotherapist and master in holistic discipline

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