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I’ll be a mom

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Music and views for expectant moms

Music for harp and execution: Valentina Meinero
Texts and voice: Mara Piacenza
Language: Italian

IO SARO MAMMA is an all-female project, born from the artistic and design meeting of Valentina Meinero, harpist, and Mara Piacenza, teacher and educational consultant. The music of the harp is par excellence used in music therapy for its ability to create warm and relaxing vibrations, able to calm mental activity and to bring the person to experience well-being at the level of body and psyche. Numerous studies also show that listening to positive musical vibrations can be beneficial not only for the adult or the child, but also for the fetus during pregnancy. In such a delicate and precious moment, the feelings and the emotional state of the woman, are inevitably reflected in the development of the unborn child. In the present work, sounds and words come together in an evocative journey, to allow the future mother to abandon herself to a deep and pure contact with the child, through the suggestion of images, sensations, thoughts of love and gratitude.

1 . Prelude to the stars 7'40
2 . Love contact 17'44
3 . Letter to my son 17'19

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Elena (01/24/2014)
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