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Corpo Mente Spirito has got the aim to create and market didactic tools (video tutorials, guides, anatomical maps) which can be useful both to people who experience the first approach to the world of massage and to practitioners whose goal is to find new techniques and professional procedures. The publishing catalogue is continuously managed and revised by experts of different disciplines: holistic, far east, ayurveda, reflexology e technical.
With a 20 year experience in training area, our company can boast the capability to design e-courses as effective as the ones held in classroom. Every training tool, such as DVDs, streaming, or interactive guide, was developed in order to give an effective learning by the student. The video tutorials are quite similar one to another, since habits and repetition make the educational process easier.

Massage as a well-being care
All the techniques that we show in our series deal with holistic wellbeing care of the individual.
We think that this clarification is necessary in order to propose to our students a straightforward professional position in the world of bio-natural disciplines, which is still a poorly regulated field.
The training courses and all the related activities must not be a replacement of diagnosis made by qualified professionals such as doctors and physiotherapists. Massage is useful to the individuals who want to counterbalance their body, mind and spirit.

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