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When not alternatively indicated (e.g. in the provided user's manual) the warranty of the products of Corpo Mente Spirito is one year. The warranty covers all the defects in materials and doesn't cover at all the damages provoked by an incorrect use of the product. The warranty starts from the date of delivery of the product (as evidenced by the receipt) associated to the e-mail sent when placing the order.

DVD warranty
Concerning optical media (DVDs and CDs) the warranty is unlimited. Since a measure to prevent copying is installed on the products, you can't make a security copy. Therefore, if the CD or DVD is damaged, you can contact our Customer Service and find an agreement on the modality of product change.

Warranty replacement
To avail the warranty replacement you can contact our Customer Service on
The shipping costs will be parted between the customer and our company, since the customer will send the defected product at his own expenses and our company will send the fully functional product to the customer at its own expenses.
If the product was purchased by invoicing, then the shipping provided by the customer should come with a bill of warranty return.

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