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Traditional Acupuncture - The Law of 5 Elements

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Author: Dianne M. Connelly, Ph.D.
Editions: The Castle
Language: Italian
Foreword by W. Ohashi

Ms. Dianne M. Connelly has been studying and taking oriental medicine very seriously for 15 years. The depth of his knowledge goes beyond his Western cultural background. Connelly has been able to absorb and use in her work concepts very foreign to Western culture and so intrinsic to Eastern culture that we ourselves, who are Eastern, have difficulty explaining to Westerners. In the future, the Orientals will resort, also for the study of the oriental culture, to scholars like the Connelly. His book on the Law of the Five Elements is an excellent book. The Ohashi Institute has been using it as a textbook for years.
(From Wataru Ohashi’s presentation)
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