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Vitality Energy Armony - "Harmony" Project

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The Harmony Project consists of three symbols, Vitality, Energy and Armony, are images "to live", to experience, that lend themselves to offer an idea to all those who want to deepen the knowledge of their person, to improve and to rediscover a new psycho-physical well-being.

Taking care of ourselves, listening to our deep feelings, learning how to pick up the messages that our body sends us, will allow us to achieve harmony and well-being... (Well-being, ie feel good with yourself).

"Meditation is a key.
It opens the doors of your interior....
A look in the soul, is your forgotten center, buried under a thousand
conditionings and fears...
Meditating is going home, resting a little..."


Language: Italian

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PEZZINI (12/16/2013)
Maria (09/09/2013)
Nicolò (01/03/2013)
giovanna (11/20/2012)
Zannoni (10/15/2012)
roberto (10/11/2012)
ERMANNO (10/12/2012)
Laura (03/14/2012)
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