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Breathing (I)

Asclepius' Ampoule

Dear friends,
Breathing is essential; it is a necessary element of human life. The extension of this topic requires tto be split in two issues of Asclepius' Ampoule. In this issue we asked a basic question: which role does it cover (a part from a necessary one, as previously said) and which activities are able to develop control over it – whether right or wrong ones.
Enjoy your reading.


» R.E.S.P.I.R.A.Z.I.O.N.E.
By Crisostomo Gervasi, instructor and master of oriental disciplines

» "I have a lump in my throat": breathing and anxiety
By Claudia Venturino, psychologist, psychotherapist and psychodramatist

» The complete respiration of the spine
By Enrico Colmi, physician and instructor of Tai-chi-chuan and Baguazhan

» Between coughing fits...
By Roberto Merante, physician and TCM instructor (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and William Giordano, certified massage therapist.

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