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Sport massage

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Video course of sports massage, pre-race and post-race muscle massage. Digital course of sports techniques of massage. Online course, DVD and Video Streaming with training certificate
Price: 90,00

Included in the purchase:
Digital training certificate ?
Didactic assistance
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Language: Italian (subtitled)
Subtitles: English, Spanish, French

Level: advanced

Sports massage is the first sport training

The Sports Massage video course is a Advanced Professional Study Tool of the Massage techniques. With this course, you acquire the skills to realize a massage to athletes of various disciplines, you understand what are the areas in which the sport masseur can act, what are its limitations and which are the techniques most suitable for each trauma from sport.
The objectives of this teaching tool are:

  • provide a technical approach to sports massage

  • give concrete help to those who want to become sport masseur/p>

  • methodically addressing the issue of prevention of serious injuries

  • provide a professional deepening tool to sports masseurs

  • give a guaranteed study method to get a specific approach

  • provide a full work tool for the operator

Like all multimedia products of C.M.S., is designed to follow step-by-step the student in his path of formation.

The author of video course

Nicola Revello - Massophysiotherapist, physiomasseur and CST

Nicola Revello

Massophysiotherapist, physiomasseur and CST
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What you buy

  • A video course lasting 55 minutes
  • A booklet of 36 pages*
  • The teaching support of the teacher
  • A month of free streaming**
  • Digital Training Certificate
  • Insertion of the certificate in the Runadib
* In the Streaming version the booklet is provided in digital/hypertext format
** Only for the DVD version

Why digital training

  • Possibility to review the course where and when you want
  • Cost much lower than the classroom course
  • No logistical expenses (hotel, travel, etc.)
  • Can be completed with classroom training

Content of the sports massage video course

Sports Massage Techniques DVD is built with a logic interactivity to allow the student to view and analyze each technique in its singularity. Each technical and described by subtitles and where necessary the operator speaks with the receiver (to indicate for example to do counter-resistance). The menu also allows you to view the sequences divided by body zones. In this way you can perform a selective study and targeted to the technique you most want to deepen. The shots are made in such a way to highlight the most significant aspects of the movement to be learned/deepened.
The masseur for athletes, a profession increasingly in demand in the competitive and fingering.
List of video sections:

    Introduction by the author, Nicola Revello, massoterapista e massaggiatore sportivo (he is the official masseur of several athletes of running and skiing).
    This section shows a generic sport massage treatment not aimed at some specific ailment. It will then obviously be the task of the operator, with his experience, to identify which technical specification to focus on. Here is displayed a series of techniques on the whole body, which can be applied as a basis on all athletes. Each technique is described with subtitles and where necessary it is indicated whether attention should be paid to any possible risk in making it.

    Supine position
    • Abdomen
    • Ankle
    • Leg and knee
    • Thigh and hip
    • Cervical
    • Upper limb
    Prone position
    • Leg
    • Thigh
    • Back and shoulder blade
    To completion of a basic training are taught some specific maneuvers, although not purporting to be exhaustive, to treat certain disturbances that may occur in thesport activity. Theileo-psoas, for example, is the muscle that in almost all sports is more stressed and being hidden under the abdominal muscles is rather difficult to treat. Another example is the respiratory diaphragm also used in all sport and whose proper functioning can make the difference in performance.
    • Adductor stretching lower limb
    • Treatment of ileo-psoas (1)
    • Treatment of ileo-psoas (2)
    • Elongation of ileo-psoas
    • Respiratory diaphragm treatment - Sitting
    • Respiratory diaphragm treatment - Supine
    • Work on chest with breathing
    • Stretching coxo-femoral - Lateral
    • Stretching coxo-femoral - Supine
    • Lumbar back elongation
    • Lumbo-sacral elongation
    • Mobilization lumbar

Index of booklet

Booklet of 36 pages
  • What is the sport massage
  • Origins of the sport massage
  • Traumas from sports
    • Contracture
    • Muscle stretching
    • Muscle tear
    • Luxation
    • Fracture
  • Application on specific disciplines
    • Ski
    • Football
    • Cycling
    • Boxing
    • Tennis
    • Swimming
    • Cycling
  • Operator warnings and limits
  • Glossary
  • Sensitive areas and precautions
  • Practical advice for the operator
  • Establishing a relationship with the user


Video course of
Sport massage
Price: 90,00

Language: Italian (subtitled)
Subtitles: English, Spanish, French

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