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Trigger Points

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Video course of treatment of pain points: the Trigger Points. Online Digital Professional Training Course, DVD and Video Streaming with Certificate
Price: 100,00

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Language: Italian (subtitled)
Subtitles: English, Spanish, French

Level: advanced

A method for the treatment of chronic pain

Muscle tension caused by wrong lifestyles, stress and trauma, can become chronic and difficult to resolve. The video processing course of Trigger Points is an advanced professional study tool of the techniques to operate correctly on the Trigger points associating to it some Complementary techniques of. With this course, you acquire the basics to analyze, recognize and intervene on Trigger Points, or “Pain Points, which often generate widespread pain and muscle inefficiency.

The objectives of this teaching tool are:

  • help pinpoint i Trigger Points

  • provide a tool for those who want to deepen the topic of chronic pain

  • allowing operators to distinguish Trigger Points from more serious issues

  • allow a precise study thanks to the complete map of points

  • define the cause of pain to properly treat it

  • analyze all possible treatment types to use

Like all multimedia products of C.M.S., is designed to follow step-by-step the student in his path of formation.

The author of video course

Nicola Revello - Massophysiotherapist, physiomasseur and CST

Nicola Revello

Massophysiotherapist, physiomasseur and CST
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What you buy

  • A video course lasting 1 hour and 47 minutes
  • A theoretical booklet of 24 pages*
  • A 28-page anatomical guide*
  • The teaching support of the teacher
  • A month of free streaming**
  • Digital Training Certificate
  • Insertion of the certificate in the Runadib
* In the Streaming version the booklet is provided in digital/hypertext format
** Only for the DVD version

Why digital training

  • Possibility to review the course where and when you want
  • Cost much lower than the classroom course
  • No logistical expenses (hotel, travel, etc.)
  • Can be completed with classroom training

Content of the Trigger Points video course

The Trigger Points DVD is built with logic interactivity to allow the student to view and analyze each technique in its singularity. Each Muscle group is treated separately so as to provide a clear logical structure. On top of each video is displayed the map of Trigegr Points on the muscle and the map of pain zones. The menu also allows you to view the sequences divided by body zones. In this way you can perform a selective study and targeted to the muscle or group of muscles that you most want to delve into. The shots are made in such a way to highlight the most significant aspects of the movement to be learned/deepened.
The treatment of chronic pain: one of the most requested in sports. Trigger Points, however, can be present on all and are caused by stress, constipation, fatigue and lack of fitness.

    Introduction by the author, Nicola Revello, massoterapista e massaggiatore sportivo (he is the official masseur of several athletes of running and skiing).
    This section teaches the techniques for dealing with Trigger points. These techniques will then be applied selectively and specifically on the pain points chosen for treatment.

    • Acupressure
    • Other manual techniques
    • Techniques with aids
    86 muscles, each with a map of Trigger Points and pain areas under pressure are divided here into 6 muscle groups, so as to allow the selective study and consultation in case of specific application.

    • Head and neck (7 muscles)
    • Trunk and spine (12 muscles)
    • Shoulder and arm (14 muscles)
    • Forearm and hand (17 muscles)
    • Hip and thigh (15 muscles)
    • Leg and foot (21 muscles)
    In support of the techniques of pressure, here are shown 33 techniques of stretching, suitable for self-treatment or to be added to the actual treatment. The maneuvers are divided into 3 macro muscle sectors. On the 28-page anatomical guide, each muscle is associated with the most suitable techniques for the specific muscle.

    • Neck, shoulder and upper limb
    • Trunk and spine
    • Hip and lower limb

Index of booklets

Theoretical booklet of 24 pages
  • Introduction
  • Origins and history
  • How to define a Trigger Point
  • Trigger Point Detection and Analysis
  • Structural defects
  • Postural tensions
  • Excessive muscle pressure
  • Types of treatment
  • Operator warnings and limits
  • The muscle
  • Conclusions
  • Sensitive areas and warnings
  • Practical advice for the operator
Anatomical guide of 28 pages
  • Scalp, face and neck
  • Trunk and spine
  • Shoulder and upper limb
  • Forearm and hand
  • Hip and thigh
  • Leg and foot


Video course of
Trigger Points
Price: 100,00

Language: Italian (subtitled)
Subtitles: English, Spanish, French

Customer reviews

4,60 (10)
PASQUALE (10/11/2021)
Arianna (06/02/2021)
Alice (01/21/2020)
Stefano (01/08/2020)
Jean-Pierre (12/12/2019)
Stefania (10/17/2019)
Eccellente il contenuto, grazie per il prezioso Dono! Invece bassa la qualità del DVD, purtroppo vengono espulsi continuamente e non consentono quindi la fluidità e concentrazione necessaria Al momento sono focalizzata sul corso di anatomia, eccellente la dott.ssa Bosio nella trasmissione semplificata di argomenti così complessi, talvolta ho riscontrato qualche difficoltà nel correlare ciò che descriveva in quanto non indicato fisicamente su slide, ma ripeto eccellente!
pietro (08/05/2019)
Carollo (10/29/2018)
monalda (10/26/2018)
D'IGNAZIO (06/27/2018)
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