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Cervical Pain

Asclepius' Ampoule

Dear friends,
The first issue of our online magazine Asclepius' Ampoule deals with one of the most common problems in holistic disciplines. We asked ourselves: 1. which are the causes of cervical pain, 2. to what extent can one be helpful without specific medical knowledge, 3. Where and when to pay attention in order not to cause damages and 4. What behaviors are the most adequate to prevent cervical pain.
We tried to give small answers to big questions and to add theoretical knowledge - coming from the experts - to the reader's experience.
Enjoy your reading.

» Cervical pain: chitchats at Asclepius' Club
By Roberto Merante and William Giordano

» Shoulder-blade: the core of all movements of the upper limb
By Enrico Colmi

» Tui Na for cervical tract
By Crisostomo Gervasi


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