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Asclepius' Ampoule

When our body has reached a limit it starts sending us signals, although we are not always aware of it. One of these signals is fatigue, often snubbed by our own arrogance and pretentiousness or by contingent needs. In any case, if we do not listen to what it says, sooner or later we'll have to pay for it. Not everyone knows about the wisdom brought by good sleep and proper rest. This could be due to an erroneous perception of life as too short or, maybe, to a sneaky little devil inside our heads that keeps telling us to be productive.

We wish to offer the following points to ponder upon.


» Mental fatigue
By Claudia Venturino, psychologist, psychotherapist and psychodramatist

» Lack of energy
By Roberto Merante, physician and TCM instructor

» Fatigue in Traditional Chinese Medicine
By Enrico Colmi, physician and Tai-chi-chuan and Baguazhang instructor

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