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Asclepius' Ampoule - Being aware of our role

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di Roberto Merante, medico e maestro di M.T.C.

The softness of the armchair in which I lied every evening in the Asclepius' club was a pleasant sensation for me. I felt a sense of belonging, like I was in the right place, and I decided to describe this sensation to my friends.

"I completely understand your feeling - said Wilhelm - I felt the same both in very far places in front of breathtaking view and in my love's arms. I think it's a sign of how much we feel peaceful in certain situations."

The subdued and precise voice of the Professor sounded like a counterpoint: "I don't think that that kind of feeling is a mere result of the production of serotonine or the balance of our brain! It's the personal awareness of being in the right place at the right moment and therefore we feel complete."

I took a moment to reflect on that, playing around with my pipe (obviously put-out): "It's the same thing that happens when we work using our competences and abilities. On the contrary, if we do something that it's not 'our' job has an impact on our peacefulness and also on our ability to 'do something'."

"Being good at everything is impossible - started Asmir - Every one should commit himself to be the best in his job. If you're lucky, and you have the possibility to choose the job that you're interested in, you can improve your skills at your best. Just as an example, if a plumber, after several years of experience in that field, start to do the electrician, not only will not work with the best skills he has, but also he won't be completely satisfied. Do you agree with me, Doc?"

"Surely when it comes to people's health it's important, for a professional, to be aware of his role and to work at his best conditions. This involves an awareness of his specific role in the process of cure and recovery."

Wilhelm was listening in silence; he suddenly shook his head and said, in a disheartening tone: "That's true; but we, as holistic operators, are just at the starting line. In all this confusion of laws and rules we actually don't know which is our place. Even the definitions of all the "arts" that we profess is not clear: shiatsu, massage, naturopathy… their role is not yet defined in the process of human well-being. And I'm not just talking about laws, but also in every practitioner's mind. The only certainty is that we're pushed by ourselves to find the right answers to the problems of people who contact us for a solution. Maybe the only thing that we can do is try to find a unique identity, without other conflicts."

The rest of the conversation became more personal; I will not tell everything we told each other, but I will keep them in a drawer inside my mind.

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