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Video course of cervical massage, or neck massage, the decontracting maneuvers for cervical pain. Online course, DVD and Video Streaming with training certificate
Price: 90,00

Included in the purchase:
Digital training certificate ?
Didactic assistance
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Language: Italian (subtitled)
Subtitles: English, Spanish, French

Level: advanced

Treat a specific area to better address the routine

A correct massage of the cervical area (a very delicate part of the body) should be carried out by examining 4 postural positions: the prone, the supine, the lateral and the seated. The sedentary habit, a wrong pillow and emotional tensions accumulated for example can create muscle tension in the neck that is difficult to make go away. The massage techniques applied here may contribute to decontracting the area, but must be performed correctly by following the indications described here.
Using this video course you can:

  • establish , which position to use for a custom cervical massage

  • analyze the different steps to be followed to perform a cervical massage

  • know benefits and contraindications of this type of practice

  • prepare a operating methodology to properly approach cervical massage

  • know the application limits of the cervical massage, in order not to create damage to the client

Like all multimedia products of C.M.S., is designed to follow step-by-step the student in his path of formation.

The author of video course

Vittorio Piacenza - Massophysiotherapist and master in holistic discipline

Vittorio Piacenza

Massophysiotherapist and master in holistic discipline
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What you buy

  • A video course lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • A booklet of 20 pages*
  • The teaching support of the teacher
  • A month of free streaming**
  • Digital Training Certificate
  • Insertion of the certificate in the Runadib
* In the Streaming version the booklet is provided in digital/hypertext format
** Only for the DVD version

Why digital training

  • Possibility to review the course where and when you want
  • Cost much lower than the classroom course
  • No logistical expenses (hotel, travel, etc.)
  • Can be completed with classroom training

Content of the video course of cervical massage

DVDs of Corpo Mente SPirito are built with a logic interactivity to allow the student to view and analyze each technique in its singularity. Each technical and marked by a number (all techniques are also listed in the booklet) and every time it is performed, even during treatment complete, it is displayed in the corner of the screen. In this way it is possible to carry out a selective study and targeted to the technique you most want to deepen. The subtitle function was also used to indicate the name of each technique in the 3 languages of the video course. The shooting are made in a way to highlight the most significant aspects of the movement to be learned/deepened.
We chose non to accompany the images with the comment spoken because we believe that they are explanatory.
The anatomy of the neck: it is important to know it to avoid damage during cervical massage. In the video course is shown how to make correct maneuvers.
List of video sections:

    Introduction by the author, the teacher Vittorio Piacenza, massoterapista, master of Shiatsu, expert of techniques of the western and eastern massage and of MTC.
    The techniques of cervical massage/a> were divided into 4 sections corresponding to the 4 possible positions on the bed. These are techniques aimed at relaxing the musculature of the cervical area and the scapular belt.
    The techniques are 77 and are divided into the following sections:
    • PRONE position
    • SUPINE position
    • Lateral position
    • Sitting position
    These are 4 separate sequences that are valid as an example for the realization of a correct complete treatment for cervical. The sequence, as already mentioned in other places (see
    video course basic massage), is only an example. Once you have acquired the basic tools of the specific massage that you are studying, you can devise a sequence that points to tone, or relax, or at dissolve the contracture of a particular zone (which, as we know, is very easy to accomplish here, on the neck).
    • PRONE position
    • SUPINE position
    • Lateral position
    • Sitting position

Index of booklet

Booklet of 20 pages
  • anatomy of the neck
  • Causes of cervical pain
  • Types of cervical pain
  • Effects and contraindications
  • Daily exercises
  • Behavioural precautions
  • The techniques
  • Complete treatment


Video course of
Neck massage
Price: 90,00

Language: Italian (subtitled)
Subtitles: English, Spanish, French

Customer reviews

4,62 (71)
Gloria (07/30/2022)
Maria (02/08/2021)
Marco (05/28/2020)
insegnante che non parla . molto male
pietro (08/05/2019)
barboni (06/21/2018)
Gianfranco (04/17/2018)
chiari ed esaustivi corrispondenza
donatella (03/31/2018)
alcuni CD saltano durante la visione o si fermano per un po.
gabriella (04/03/2017)
QUINTO (12/30/2016)
Antonio (11/08/2016)
Claudio (06/13/2016)
Sabrina (05/24/2016)
alberto (12/09/2015)
MICHELE (12/30/2015)
Stefano (05/11/2015)
rita (03/27/2015)
helga (03/18/2015)
Roberto (03/02/2015)
dvd molto ben fatti e chiari ben visibili tutti i passaggi qualità di estetista il signor Vittorio mi ha colpito molto positivamente. . esattamente come me lo aspettavo ...forse anche meglio
fischietti (01/23/2014)
Fabio (12/03/2013)
mirta (11/12/2013)
LAURA (11/12/2013)
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non ho ancora visionato idem come sopra
PAOLA (02/07/2013)
Candelli (01/04/2013)
ERIKA (01/07/2013)
Nicolò (01/03/2013)
Luis (12/19/2012)
claudio (12/14/2012)
Fabbri (12/11/2012)
Monica (12/11/2012)
Education (12/11/2012)
Video di qualità chiari, comprensibili, efficaci Per quel che ho potuto vedere vi è totale corrispondenza
giovanna (11/20/2012)
Giuseppe (11/06/2012)
EMANUELE (11/06/2012)
emanuela (11/05/2012)
Annamaria (10/15/2012)
paola (10/09/2012)
Katia (09/28/2012)
TORNATOLA (08/10/2012)
francesca (08/01/2012)
Elena (07/30/2012)
qualita ottima....dirrei superiore a quello che mi aspettavo qualita di corespondenza tra foto e prodotto ottima
ILARIA (07/23/2012)
doddis (07/11/2012)
gianfranco (07/11/2012)
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