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Shirodhara video course and Indian head massage. Ayurveda head massage. Online course, DVD and Video Streaming with training certificate
Price: 90,00

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Language: Italian (subtitled)
Subtitles: English, Spanish, French

Level: advanced

The Indian anti-stress method par excellence!

In this video course are presented the main Ayurvedic treatments performed on the head (shiro in Sanskrit) with the use of oils and other liquids. In addition to classic massage are illustrated the typical treatments of the Purvakarma which also include sprinkling of large quantities of oil on the forehead (Dhara) and applications on the boss. They are shown both according to the traditional technique is with the adaptation to the situations western.
In the Indian tradition these treatments have a strong>action sedative and calming of the nervous system, are therefore considered particularly anti-stress, contrast insomnia and many ailments such as headaches, disorders eyes and ears.

Using this video course you can:

  • learn one of the best known ayurveda treatments

  • investigate specific techniques for the preparation of the correct instrumentation

  • know the properties of liquids and their actions on doshas

  • acquire knowledge under shiroabhyanga, head massage

  • study alternative techniques such as shirobasti and shiropichu

Like all multimedia products of C.M.S., is designed to follow step-by-step the student in his path of formation.

The author of video course

Luca Lingua - Purvakarma teacher

Luca Lingua

Purvakarma teacher
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What you buy

  • A video course lasting 38 minutes
  • A booklet of 24 pages*
  • The teaching support of the teacher
  • A month of free streaming**
  • Digital Training Certificate
  • Insertion of the certificate in the Runadib
* In the Streaming version the booklet is provided in digital/hypertext format
** Only for the DVD version

Why digital training

  • Possibility to review the course where and when you want
  • Cost much lower than the classroom course
  • No logistical expenses (hotel, travel, etc.)
  • Can be completed with classroom training

Content of Shirodhara's video course

In traditional Ayurveda practice the Murdha Taila yes refers to the field of treatments with application external oil, and in particular the application of the oil on the head; is a practice also known as shirastarpana, and can also be used on people in good health, both with simple oil and with therapeutic oil. On the contrary, in people suffering from diseases and In the case of physical disorders, an oil treated with substances is preferable specify that for the treatment of the disease in question (under the prescription of an ayurvedic doctor).
Murdha taila can be practiced in four ways different, depending on the degree of snehana (sneana = anointing, stroking and communicating at a subtle level) desired and of the application method: shiroabhyanga, shirodhara, shiropichu and shirobasti.

List of video sections:

    Introduction by the author, Luca Language, Ayurveda operator and purvakarma expert.
    This section deals with the traditional technique of shirodhara , with 2 operators, and on the Dhroni table and its Western variants.
    In the practice of Shirodhara, also known as name of Shirahseka, the customer is treated with decoctions, oils or other liquid substances that are poured directly on the forehead and then left flow to the scalp. The peculiarity of this treatment, in addition to the fact that no type of massage, is that it is carried out with the help of a special instrument called Dhara yantra.
    This treatment, ideal for habitual practice especially in persons who do not have health, consists in spreading the oil on the head accompanying it
    with a specific massage. The discipline provides that it is the simple smear oil on the head without additional massages, both the application of oil with a specific massage which are practices of Shiroabhyanga. In case the customer suffered from leather injuries hair, or other dermatological problems (ulcers, inflammations, etc.), post-application massage is not recommended.
    Shiropichu is a procedure that consists when applying a piece of cotton soaked in oil on the top of the head, while in the Shirobasti, a quantity of oil is poured on the top of the head and is held in place for a certain period of time.

Index of booklet

Booklet of 24 pages
  • The tradition of Murdha Taila
  • Shirodhara
  • Shiropichu
  • Shirobasti
  • Shiroabhyanga, head massage
  • I dosha, the fundamental constitutions
  • Dosha test


Video course of
Price: 90,00

Language: Italian (subtitled)
Subtitles: English, Spanish, French

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