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Asclepius' Ampoule - Insomnia

The sound of the "Triple Heater"

By Enrico Colmi, Healing Tao instructor, school of Master Mantak Chia

The 6 sounds. The 5 organs.
It is a traditional qigong technique and it comes from the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). According to TCM our health depends on the proper physical-energetic condition of the 5 principal organs: lungs, kidneys, liver, heart, spleen-pancreas and of all the functions connected to the single organs (bowels, tissues, sensory organs, positive and negative emotions, etc.)

Chinese people discovered that the emission of specific sounds, different for each organ, helps improve their energetic balance and stimulates their harmonious functioning. And this is especially true for harmonizing emotional energy.

The technique consists in producing special sounds in order to balance emotional energy (and therefore transform negative energy into positive energy).


The Triple Heater.
In addition to the 5 principal organs, TCM takes notice of a poly-functional system called Triple Heater or Triple Burner. Its function is to connect the 3 areas of our body which carry out metabolic functions: the upper section (brain, heart, lungs) is hot; the intermediate section (liver, kidneys, stomach, pancreas and spleen) is warm; the lower section (large intestine, small intestine, bladder and sexual organs) is cold. The sound of the Triple Heater (the 6th sound) balances the temperature of the 3 levels by bringing warm energy to the lower abdomen and cold energy to the upper zone.

There is another poly-functional system connected to the Triple Heater, called Master of the Heart, which represents the sum of all the functions connected to blood circulation.


Insomnia and the sounds.
Grazie alla funzione di riequilibrio energetico, i 6 suoni hanno, fra gli altri, un effetto positivo di tranquillizzare la mente, e possono pertanto svolgere una benefica azione nel favorire l'induzione del sonno e combattere l'insonnia. La descrizione della tecnica dei 6 suoni è piuttosto complessa, ci limiteremo pertanto a descrivere la tecnica ed i benefici del suono del Triplice Riscaldatore, che svolge un'azione specifica nel combattere l'insonnia.


Sound of the Triple Heater.


This is an exceptional technique to fight insomnia with no side effects. It is not good for all cases of insomnia, but it works very well for those cases that are caused by emotional tensions, worries, stress, etc. (in some occasion it can remove and release old and unsolved blockages).

It can be executed standing and sitting, yet the best position is laying down face up, as it helps the transition from the exercise into sleep.


When we raise our arms above the head we should breathe naturally. When we lower our arms in front of the body we emit a specific sound. There should be no tension and the breath should flow naturally, without forcing it.

The sound: the mouth opens laterally, the tongue moves forward without touching the teeth and we produce a sound like a prolonged "eeee" that lasts during the whole exhalation.

When the arms move downwards we need to think as if they were a large compression roll smashing all organs, getting rid of tensions and blockages.

The exercise can be repeated (between 3 and 6 times) until one falls naturally asleep.

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