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Asclepius' Ampoule

1, 2, 3, 4, 5… (Oh God, I cannot fall asleep!) 6, 7, 8… (But why is that?) 9, 10… (I wish I could stop thinking about it) 11… (Yet maybe I should get up) 12, 13, 14… (Yeah, I think I should)…

Insomnia is a woodworm inside one's head that cannot be eliminated. Whoever suffers from this disorder knows well the extent of the damage it can cause to wellbeing in general and to our daily life.

In this issue of Asclepius' Ampoule we tried – as usual – to ask questions and look for answers and remedies to this ultra-known problem.
Enjoy your reading.


» A sleepless night at Asclepius' Club
By Roberto Merante, physician and TCM instructor and William Giordano, certified massage therapist

» The sound of the "Triple Heater"
By Enrico Colmi, Healing Tao instructor, school of Master Mantak Chia

» Sleep: a whimsical god
By Claudia Venturino, psychologist, psychotherapist and psychodramatist

» Endless nights
By Andrea Pascale, psychologist and psychotherapist

» Phytotherapy and meditation: two remedies against insomnia
By Crisostomo Gervasi, Tui Na and oriental disciplines instructor

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