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Asclepius' Ampoule

Today we are going to talk about joy. Yes, you read well: joy. It was not a mistake. You see: although there are not solid proofs yet, it seems that positive thinking and lightheartedness can effectively reduce allergic symptoms. It is clear by now that allergies are provoked by an overload of the immune system. Therefore, in order to avoid strange reactions, sit back, relax, and read what our distinguished colleagues have to say.

Enjoy your reading.


» Allergies and Traditional Chinese Medicine
By Enrico Colmi, physician and instructor of Tai-chi-chuan and Baguazhang

» The scent of spring
By Roberto Merante, physician and instructor of TCM, and William Giordano, certified massage therapist

» Psyche is an orchestra director
By Claudia Venturino, psychologist, psychotherapist and psychodramatist


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