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Breathing (II)

Asclepius' Ampoule

"Last night I was walking into the silent snowfall that had begun the previous morning, deeply absorbed. I was fiercely troubled by thoughts about finding solutions to different problems; yet everything seemed fatal and hopeless and showed no possibility of action from my part. In that very moment I asked myself where I could start to modify events to turn them in my favor. I realized I had to start from what was basic, from what was mostly at hand. And that was when I realized I was not breathing."
Inspired by our anonymous friend's thoughts, we want to continue our excursus on the importance of breathing in life and history.
Enjoy your reading.


» The conscience of breathing
By Laura Lucchino, instructor of physical education and Pilates

» Breathing: the vital blow that speaks of us...
By Andrea Pascale, psychologist and psychotherapist

» The complete respiration of the spine (II)
By Enrico Colmi, Healing Tao instructor, school of Master Mantak Chia

» Breathing Inspires
By Gian Balsamo, writer

» Pranayama: Yoga exercises to learn how to breath
By Maria Antonietta Lamacchia, psychosomatics expert Naturopathy and relaxation techniques.

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