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Vittorio Piacenza

Massophysiotherapist and master in holistic discipline

The murmurs of the mountain air, all a flow of energy.
More than the creator and founder of the school, I like to call myself a 'dream-maker'. Since I opened it, so much water has passed under the bridge. Many people have given life to their project thanks to mine, opening their activity of bionatural disciplines. Master Shiatsu and Thai therapist, I love the mountain so much that I chose to live in a house in the woods, alone and surrounded by friends. When I had black and thick hair I traveled the world to breathe in the other cultures of well-being aimed at the person, which I then merged together in my school.

- Shiatsu European Institute (1990-1995)
- Child Community Assistant Diploma (1998)
- Institute for Masonic Therapists in Milan (1998)
- Degree in Motor Science (2019)

Luca Lingua

Purvakarma teacher

Curious and instinctive, he explores traditional medicines and lifestyles, traveling and experimenting with their techniques and principles.
Study Ayurveda in India at Maharshi Charak Clinic in Jaipur, and at Ayurvedic College in Kannur
Practice massage in Thailand at the Loi Kroh School and at the Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai.
Participate in several updates at various locations in China and Central America.
It proposes the experiences acquired to wellness researchers in the Samya Centre in Cuneo.

Nicola Revello

Massophysiotherapist, physiomasseur and CST

I am Massophysisiotherapist and Sports Masseur, everything comes from the passion for the care of the other that was transmitted to me by the great hands of my grandfather, when I was still a child, and those big hands that helped others to be better fascinated me, and without knowing it conditioned my future choices... from then on I followed the instinct to search for the self and the answers, passing from Shiatsu to Meditation, to Plantar Reflexiology, to the more physical research and Western vision of Massophysiotherapy and Osteopathy, but when you seem to know a little more, when Western culture seems to give the answers... you arrive at the deep listening of the self through the therapy Cranio Sacrale and there, you realize that the Human Being needs a balance Body Mind Spirit to be able to live in Health and Balance and that rationality can not explain everything... Lecturer at the A.F. Corpo Mente Spirito, Alpine Skiing Coach and various open air sports, I am convinced that only the original contact man-nature can give that necessary balance to the man in search.

Masseur of Marco OLMO (ultra-trail legend) Massophysisiotherapist of national and international athletes of (cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, biathlon, trail running) specializing in Physiotherapy for alpine skiing, technical at Fiamme Oro alpine skiing sector, lover of mountains and its important silences, and the immensity of the sea, immense spaces that fill the soul giving it essentiality.

Ivana Bosio

Doctor with specialization in obstetrics and gynecology.

Paola Bertano

Doctor in Sport Sciences and Kinesiologist

Paola Bertano She studied at the Università di Scienze Motorie e Sportive di Torino where he obtained a Degree in Sports and Sports Sciences and subsequently a Master’s Degree in Adapted Physical Activities Sciences and Techniques. He teaches Ed. Motoria at the Secondary School of First degree. He currently works as a kinesiologist in the gym Kines'is Gym in Pianfei (CN) where he also serves as Technical Director. Main areas of study and interest are: rehabilitation and postural gymnastics, gymnastics in the presence of back pain (lumbago and cervical pain), para/dysmorphic youthful age (scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis), post-traumatic gymnastics. He has developed important collaborations and experiences in the field of motor activities adapted for disabled people and elderly people in facilities. Since 2014 is istuttore Fitwalking method Damilano brothers. She’s also interested in the benefits of physical activity on the quality of life of people with diabetes. In 2009/10 he collaborated as Walking Leader at the Az studio. Hospital S. Croce e Carle di Cuneo "Effects of a structured fitwalking program on some metabolic, cardiovascular and anthropometric parameters in type 2 diabetic patients. Impact on quality of life and drug consumption". He currently collaborates with the Associazione Diabetes no Limits di Cuneo in a Physical Activity Promotion Project in type 2 diabetics promoted by Az. Hospitaller S. Croce and Carle of Cuneo. Since 2016 he has been Professor of the course of Posturology at the school A.F. Corpo Mente Spirito of Beinette.

Barbara Milanesio

Reflessologist, Naturopath and Herbalist

Barbara Milanesio is Herbalist and Naturopath specialized in Plantar Reflexiology and Bach Flowers.
He lives at the foot of the mountains of Cuneo where, in addition to helping people through his knowledge in the herbal field, the flower essences and the Plantar Reflexiology, he deals with spreading knowledge of the natural world and wild herbs through courses and days. He is a naturalistic guide and for some years now he has been working alongside his work in the studio in the open air, leading people to find on the way in nature a concrete tool for their well-being.

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